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X-Type Floor Mop with Replaceable Cloths

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1 mop 3 mop head
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X-Type Floor Mop with Replaceable Cloths

  • Item Type: Mops
  • Material: ABS, Steel, Microfiber
  • Total Height: 140 cm / 55.12 inch
  • Mop Head Size: 32 x 14.3 cm / 12.60 x 5.63 inch

X type Floor Mop Package Includes:

  • 1 x X-Type Mop
  • 3 x Mop Cloths

X-Type Floor Mop with Replaceable ClothsX-Type Floor Mop with Replaceable ClothsX-Type Floor Mop with Replaceable ClothsX-Type Floor Mop with Replaceable ClothsX-Type Floor Mop with Replaceable Cloths


Microfiber Fabric


<10 seconds


X shape

102 reviews for X-Type Floor Mop with Replaceable Cloths

  1. A***a

    Mop supra, very convenient to wash. bought two more pieces as a gift. thank you. delivery for a week.

  2. C***a

    Great Mop! Convenient and easy to use without soaking hands. In the handle is a silicone brush for cleaning the fabric. Order made 28.02.2020, and 06.03.2020 has already received the order. Happy and grateful!!! I recommend to buy!!!!

  3. E***a


  4. J***d

    A good mop at first glance TC esheshche did not use it. A reliable handle, squeezes well. It can be seen that strong. The parcel was on time, but the mop itself did not affect. The package came to Estonia quickly.

  5. A***n

    The mop is comfortable, really squeezes, thick metal handles, to the touch quality goods, but you need a bucket to it, the basin does not climb.

  6. R***b

    Excellent mop in case, recommend store, fast delivery within a week

  7. L***A

    Mop came quickly well packed complete set 2 spare nozzles cloth handle long mop has the function of pressing cloth very convenient for those who have a sick back hard to bend recommend and purchase thank you very much store

  8. S***s

    Cool mop! Already, tried, very convenient. thank you very much store for the fast delivery to the House and quality!

  9. I***a

    Mop is just afigenic, I really liked it. Thanks to the store for the fast delivery. Just a week. I advise everyone not to regret.

  10. N***a

    Delivery in Russia week. Everything is exactly like in the description.

  11. T***v

    Everything is fine and fast

  12. V***o

    I received the parcel. Thank you.

  13. I***a

    Good mop. all as in the description. brought the courier after 3 days. not flimsy, as in stores. convenient (especially pregnant)

  14. V***v

    The goods received quality is excellent! In the photo Nick and the logo of my two channels on YouTube where a lot of useful video on laptop repair smartphones tablets and more 1 channel Gorkov Vitaliy and 2 channel Gorkov Vitaly subscribe The product received excellent quality! In the photo, the nickname and logo of my two channels on YouTube where there is a lot of useful video on repairing laptops, smartphones, tables and much more 1 channel Gorkov Vitaliy and 2 channel Gorkov Vitaly subscribe

  15. V***v

    Mop Super, the store is very good! Ordered 07.03 sent 09.03 came 17.03delivered directly home by IML delivery service. Previously I ordered my mother very much, tried it in the case! Mop super the only small drawback in the corners will not pass. Wonderful mop, usually House clean 1 hour if not more leaves. And with her for 10 minutes Very helps in cleaning, not ordinary mop as it bought on the first day broke. the mechanism is reliable, everything is super!!!

  16. I***a

    Mop is good) easily squeeze a rag) ordered my mother, she liked)

  17. A***o

    Good mop, corresponds to the description. Replacement nozzles are useful. Fast shipping. Successful purchase, thank you

  18. S***h

    Mop is very cool. The details are made of quality material.

  19. I***i

    The goods are good, fully met my expectations. For a long time I wanted such a mop. Packaging whole. Everything is intact. I ordered a mop with 3 nozzles (rags), as I was not sure as rags. It turned out that everything was stitched qualitatively, enough for a long time. On linoleum slides well and on the tiles I think in general it will be super. I ordered from the Russian Federation. Order made 13.03 came to Samara Region 21. With the store did not communicate as there was no need, the goods were tracked well. Seller recommend.

  20. I***a

    The goods came. Everything is just super!!! Excellent washes, squeezes also well. I advise

  21. A***v

    Everything is fine

  22. Customer

    I need to try and write a review later. The parcel was received in 5 days, only it is not clear with the transport company, came SMS your number such that, courier phone number such-that, I call for me for another time ??? Less TC

  23. A***n

    Mop good

  24. L***a

    Super. Very fast delivery 10 days! Already 5 order. Everyone bought for gifts)) I myself use 4 months-very cool

  25. A***a

    Cool mop. Well wipe the floor. Well squeezes. Convenient mechanism. There are two spare nozzles-a rag. There is a small brush so that you can clean the cloth. Super fast shipping

  26. M***a

    Very fast delivery to the apartment, Elementary assembly, everything works, good plastic, metal handle! I will check in the work

  27. O***a

    Fast delivery from Moscow to Kovrov 4 days by courier, very satisfied with the purchase

  28. A***v

    Good mop your money is worth A little hard to work you need to get used to

  29. A***v

    Excellent item, good quality and fast delivery to Moscow (within 5 days). I did not communicate with the store. The goods came faster than with It is convenient to dry the floor, the parts are securely attached, the bucket ordered on Ozon. I recommend the product and the seller.

  30. V***e

    The mop is just amazing. Thank you, i love it 🙂

  31. N***a

    The mop came very quickly, the courier delivered to the apartment. Very satisfied, the handle is long, presses without problems

  32. N***a

    Great Mop. All as in the description. I have such a long time ago, I really like it. And now I bought my mother. Dry cloth do not press! Over time it became easy to press.

  33. S***v

    Very fast delivery to the Krasnodar Territory, despite the quarantine. Only a week has passed since the day of the order. The product corresponds to the description and is not damaged. Going easy. Very comfortable spin towels. Everyone is happy. I recommend the store and the goods.

  34. Y***N

    Delivery is timely, looks quality, in the case is not yet tested…

  35. I***a

    Came to the apartment for 3 days! I’m happy as an elephant)))))) everything is intact) very simple in the Assembly) the only thing did not immediately understand how to spin to do-you need to pull up the handle))) thank you very much for the goods!

  36. N***n

    Good mop, I liked it. Tight goes on the edge, and on the laminate well, presses perfectly, not heavy. Dirt removes perfectly. Brought by courier in 2 weeks

  37. S***a

    Great Mop

  38. T***n

    Came with delivery, everything is whole.

  39. E***a

    The mop is happy, washes well as laminate and tile. Let’s see how long it will last)

  40. O***v

    Mop came quickly by courier, metal cherenok with plastic overlays, strong enough. Cross-plastic is quite average quality, so that you do not break down you need to carefully use. A couple of spare rags in the car. Let’s see how much is enough)

  41. S***v

    Took for 1268 rubles., everything, as in the description, but more information in the reviews and questions-answers. Took for mom, very satisfied. The service life will show time, and so, the plastic is like reliable.

  42. E***a

    Delivery 4 days… There’s never been one… Mop is excellent, everything is like in the description! Recommend!!

  43. R***v

    The goods came in 2 weeks, brought the courier, the complete set in the case has not yet tried

  44. R***r

    Mop superr. Very comfortable.

  45. A***V


  46. V***a

    Everything looks good. In the case did not run

  47. A***n

    Ordered on June 7, the store did not send until she wrote to him on June 10. 11 answered and immediately on this day came the track, the trail. Day brought Courier home June 12th! I’m delighted with such fast delivery;-D to the mop while I get used to… Already like…

  48. E***y

    I went 3 months but finally came. The packaging is crumpled but inside everything is whole. If for a gift but bad that does not pack well. And so everyone is happy. Thank you

  49. E***v

    My wife is delighted. I liked it: 3 rags in the kit, they are not on Velcro and on hooks, they keep confidently, brush for cleaning rag from hair. All plastic, there is no feeling that it’s about to collapse, well, let’s see… I did not like it: The brush has a slightly yellowed plastic, well, come on, the speed does not affect.

  50. V***a

    Do not twist the size of the rag is very small and the villi rags fall

  51. A***a

    This is not the first purchase from this store. The goods are excellent, delivery by mega-fast courier! Recommend!!!

  52. A***a

    The goods are excellent, delivery by mega-fast courier! Recommend!!!

  53. E***a

    Very happy. Convenient. Squeeze perfectly, the water does not flow. Maneuverable)

  54. S***v

    The order came on time. Mop comfortable, corresponds to the description.

  55. S***n

    All class, fast courier delivery, the quality is good, pushes well, washes too. I recommend to buy.

  56. P***v

    Delivery by courier 10 days to Ekaterinburg. I seemed comfortable. My height is 160 and me the length of the handle is suitable, but for higher people it would be good to handle longer, don’t bother your back.

  57. Y***a

    Delivery would be very Paradise to the apartment. The mechanism works properly. I am very pleased.

  58. L***a

    Finally got my mop!!!))). The assembly is light, pressing well, 3 pieces of rags, the mop is long, but you can shorten.

  59. M***v

    The order arrived in three days. I did not open it yet, but I think everything is OK, packing like a whole. Thank you!

  60. D***d

    Super! Fast and clean washing, collects everything)

  61. O***a

    Super mop

  62. R***a

    I liked the mop, comfortable, maneuverable, I recommend

  63. A***v

    In Moscow quickly delivered. I bought not myself, so I can not evaluate all the advantages and shortcomings. Mom should stay happy 🙂

  64. D***v

    The mop is normal, but it does not press to the end. Leaves a lot of water on the floor.

  65. Z***z

    Excellent mop, super fast delivery.

  66. R***v


  67. O***a

    Mop strong, quality. Not yet washed, but the mechanism works. 2 Additional rags in the kit, all as in the description. Delivery by courier to the house, but somehow for a long time, although I ordered delivery from the Russian Federation. More than two weeks. In general, I liked everything.

  68. S***a

    I really liked the mop. She has a strong handle, it’s long enough. In the kit there are two replaceable nozzles and the rag itself on the mop. Delivery courier, in seven days to Volgograd region. An excellent thing for the House and the price pleased.

  69. I***n

    It came in a few days by imlom. Construction of norms. In the set of 3 rags-one on the nozzle, two separately. The bucket for it needs a good rectangular with a useful width of 37 cm and more. In the usual can be used, but you need to partially “pressed” to make. Do not forget about the brush in the handle

  70. N***a

    Mop super, I’m happy, I’ll order more mom

  71. O***a

    Good mop, comfortable. All as in the description, spare rags in the kit. The delivery was longer than originally stated, but the store sent a letter, warned.

  72. A***o

    The mop is excellent, but having read reviews expected fast delivery home, and in the end the delivery took almost a month. In many ways this is the fault of sdeca, but if you need urgently do not advise. Ordered on April 24, Peter arrived from Moscow on May 6, delivery home was on May 25

  73. N***a

    Mop fire, very cool, after receiving the whole apartment washed, light, very maneuverable, press perfectly

  74. E***e

    Super, very comfortable. The handle is long.

  75. I***a

    I order the second one, my daughter as a gift. Mop fire!!! Courier for 4 days in Tula. Seller recommend

  76. R***s

    Delivery fast washes well advise

  77. Customer

    Delivered in 2 weeks, the mop is super, there are replaceable nozzles included. Washes perfectly, in Operation very easy. The mechanism is reliable. Seller top grade

  78. Customer

    Delivered after 10 days, for the description of the goods put 4 points, because. Additionally put only two rags, it is clear that together with a rag on the mop, which by default should be-it turns out three, but I think it’s a cheat, TK in the photo is displayed three additional rags and the same is written in the description… And I’m not small, I’m for accuracy and reliability))

  79. P***v

    Looks expensive. Not yet used

  80. V***v

    A good and comfortable mop… came very quickly (Khabarovsk)… the store I recommend…

  81. A***A

    It was already the second mop from this store. I really liked the first one very much. Some pluses.

  82. N***a

    I liked it very much. Comfortable and high quality washes the floors. It’s good. In the complete set a brush for cleaning the rag from the hair.

  83. Y***o

    At first I did not understand such delighted reviews. And now she herself used, she herself is very satisfied, Super assistant! Collects everything) Thank you very much)) ordered from Moscow, but still went long and from China, this is the only negative .. And so everything arranged)

  84. D***k

    It’s probably the best mop! Take it safely!

  85. Y***a

    Ordered a try, and not disappointed. Let’s see how long it will last) but I liked the mop so much that I ordered another one for the House

  86. E***k

    Ordered from R. F came quickly. the store sent quickly. Seller ***** 5 stars.

  87. G***a

    Nice, comfortable mop! Arrived quickly brought home

  88. A***a

    Very comfortable, sturdy, I order for the second time.

  89. P***r

    Delivery Moscow-Tyumen 9 days. In use is not yet known.

  90. R***r

    I really liked the mop.

  91. J***a

    Delivery fast to door with courier, ordering second time, very all like)

  92. I***r

    While everything likes, it presses of course not as much as I would like, but it is convenient that without contact with water and children can without problems themselves floors wash, not heavy

  93. O***a

    All norms.

  94. I***o

    My wife is delighted, my mother also asked to order it. Very comfortable

  95. E***A

    The mop is good, sent the store for a long time-at our customs had problems, answered immediately. Wash well, after pressing is almost dry, inconvenient to wash corners because of the design

  96. J***A

    Mop cool

  97. S***t

    Great Mop.

  98. L***a

    Great Mop. I order the second time and do not regret. The delivery of debts is true. Product quality at the height

  99. E***a

    Delivered in three days by courier to the house. Everything is perfectly packed. The mop is strong, presses perfectly. Very convenient to wash the floor and hands remain clean! Thank you!

  100. K***k

    The mop came very quickly, 5 days. Looks reliable and quality. I will try in work, add the review

  101. A***a

    It’s a little weak. And in general, it’s like a normal

  102. Customer

    Mop is good, everything works

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