Garden Luminous StonesGarden Luminous StonesGarden Luminous StonesGarden Luminous StonesGarden Luminous StonesGarden Luminous StonesGarden Luminous StonesGarden Luminous StonesGarden Luminous StonesGarden Luminous StonesGarden Luminous StonesGarden Luminous StonesGarden Luminous StonesGarden Luminous Stones

Garden Luminous Stones

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Garden Luminous Stones

Our multi-color glowing  pebbles can be used to decorate roads, lawns and gardens, potted plants, and gardening, fish tanks, and swimming pools.

Suitable for special occasions and parties.

The light of pebbles from the dark is the best decor at night!


✔️ Made of high quality resin,

✔️ Non-toxic and odorless,

✔️ No radioactive substance,

✔️ Diameter: 0.8-1.2 inch / 2-3 cm,

✔️ Fluorescent glowing effect.

Package Includes:

10/50/100/200pcs Garden Luminous Stones


The luminous stone is a light-storing product. The principle is to absorb the light source to emit light.

Each time it will emit light for 2-8 hours, the first 1-2 hours are highlighting period and then continue to emit light.

The product received did not illuminate because there was no source of absorption during the logistics process. You can re-light it when you get it in the sun or under the light.

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19 reviews for Garden Luminous Stones

  1. A***r

    Arrived in time. nice purchase, no comments, just recommend

  2. M***w

    I didn’t even have to wait till is on sale – I am more than happy with its price right now!

  3. D***l

    Fast and free shipping. Thank you very much!

  4. O***a

    Exceptionally great!

  5. D***k

    Amazing quality of pebbles + fast delivery. My respect to the store

  6. K***y

    I firstly bought when it was discounted, but I am sure I will order again, at least once more. Its quality is beyond compare

  7. T***s

    Super good and thanks for free shipping.

  8. T***m

    It took me some time to find a for such a modest price. Thanks to the seller!

  9. F***a

    Thanks! It’s pretty good!

  10. M***n

    Such a low cost is a good buy, i liked the store a lot

  11. M***y

    Great packaging, i got product in great condition. Thanks. Recommend.

  12. S***a

    Looks great, I don’t find any defects… Shipping was quite fast and arrived without problems.

  13. W***m

    That’s the perfect place to find garden pebbles online

  14. J***s

    As described. was well packed. Great customer service.

  15. M***a

    Product OK. Look very nice. Arrive fast. Thanks

  16. Customer

    Great decor. Glow Bright

  17. Customer

    Pretty bright pebbles, they are quite big and work very well. Perfect!

  18. R***r

    The description is accurate. steep stones. bought for a dry stream. Seller recommend!

  19. Customer

    Super! The stones glow, even if they lie under the lamp. I did not experience under the sun, but I think that they will not let me down. Thank you store!

  20. Customer

    Parcel moskvu came a month. Like pebbles, plastic, very light. The day you should leave the box, to shine in the dark, light bright, gradually угасают, but the light up night.

  21. Customer

    Good pebbles, exactly 30 pieces came, all intact. Packed in a normal thin package without a pup. To the touch, the pebbles are matte, charged from a flashlight shining with white light. Everything is fine, only quickly extinguished, but this is most likely their property.Delivery is fast, thanks to the store!

  22. R***r

    Thank you very much for everything

  23. H***i

    Very good arrived fast, and like the announcement of the store good Note 10

  24. Customer

    wonderful mold, thank you very much!

  25. Customer

    Steep stones, charged from light))

  26. Customer

    The product itself is OK, the appearance is good.

  27. E***O

    Delivery fast 18 days to Moscow region. The item corresponds to the description and photo.

  28. E***a

    Delivery month. Glow blue. Description matches

  29. F***k

    They are very cool. I put them in my garden and it changes the look of it at night. They are not as bright as in the photo but still worth the money

  30. L***a

    If well “charged” (with light, even from a bulb) these ‘stones’ remain bright for several hours. They make a really nice accent to glass vases.

  31. A***n

    Used this in my rock garden and if you have full sun on them, they will glow. Very nice! May only last a few hours but definitely does what I wanted.

  32. M***a

    We put these lights in a scattered stream coming from our fountain and they look lovely at night, bringing in the Fairies for our granddaughter. The work well and are easy to use.

  33. R***l

    I love these and I give them out to anyone who is interested after they see them when I am done with a massage. I show were I put them outside and bring one in so they can see and if they are interested, I give them some. Not only that, the glow fades so it does not keep you awake or is too busy for outside in my HOA.

  34. J***y

    It truly glows. I left it out in the sun while I was at work and tonite I see the results. Worth the money. Pictures speak for itself and the rocks are on the inside of he house. I have not placed them in my garden yet.

  35. D***d

    I used these with my grandkids who created names, images, trails etc in my rock garden during daylight hours, and then waited until dark to turn out the garden’s overhead lights to see if the rocks would glow. All kids and adults stood at the picture window in the living room, looked out at the garden, and said, “Wow!” I don’t know about other uses, but I do know they impress grandkids! Thank you for the product!

  36. M***a

    These little pebbles are a very unique item. I spread them in my flower garden and they glow at nighttime. I have also used these pebbles to keep a forever glow at a gravesite. They are simply a unique item that is fun and a great conversation starter.

  37. M***a

    They were for my daughter’s wedding we put them inside of Mason jars with flowers in them and then in the evening they put them around the arch where they got married and it glowed all away around the arch and they got a beautiful picture they worked out perfect

  38. C***y

    So pleased with this product we originally bought this to use as an accent piece out back but since opening these I have come up with several new ways to use these so now I have to order more. They can be used for almost any type of outdoor decor. We sprinkled some in our river rock beds and its so cool at night to see scattered glowing stones the kids love it.

  39. B***n

    He’s rocks are so awesome and we are planning on crushing them and making a design around our pool. I will definitely post pictures when done. However, they look awesome the way they are and my husband came in the other night and said they were glowing like crazy which is great!!! I was concerned but they were in the door and working so my worries are no more!!!!

  40. J***s

    These rocks were put outside my daughters play area. Rain or shine the rocks glow at night. They have yellowed because of the heat. They are a hard plastic. But they have been outside for months now, and my daughter loves them.

  41. T***s

    I installed these in concrete in a project in my back yard. They absorb light throughout the day and can be recharged with a spotlight, or even a flashlight app on your camera. The blue light is very pleasing and the stones have a smooth surface. I’m not sure what they’re made of, it feels like some kind of hard plastic, but they seem to be very durable. I’ll be buying some more.

  42. M***e

    Bought these to create a unique look for my pathway. They look really good and I’m overall very impressed. My use was as a scattered look over top mixed with white quartz gravel. They are not super bright but they give off a great ambiance and look. They took aboit 2 to 3 hours to he fully “charged” per se and they seem to last approx 6 or more hours into the evening.

  43. E***h

    I think these rocks are the best ever I wish they were cheaper but this is the best price around so far I am happy with product and the seller was fast very smooth transaction and I’d have to give a all five stars even if the price is high for quantity its the going rate so not much to do about that . thanks again I will by more in future !!

  44. M***e

    This a great product that I placed around the headstone of a very dear friend, however these require a little more light than just natural sunlight so they would be best used indoors. (I tested them with sunlight and under bright lamp light when I first got them)

  45. A***r

    I bought these to scatter in my driveway to aid entering my gravel driveway so to avoid catching the sides of cars getting clipped by the corner of a big black 20’ construction dumpster. Works great & has encouraged the thoughts to others as well. My driveway is full of the little gems of different colored stones & it’s really quite beautiful!

  46. M***w

    The pebbles really glow, and keep on glowing. I intend to use them in the garden but wanted to see how they “work.” An afternoon out in the cold, then into the closet. They were still giving off a faint light the next morning. They are a good size and will work well for my project. Come on, spring!

  47. J***y

    I own a landscape company and I was skeptical about this product at first, but once we installed it I was sold for life! The brightness surprised me for sure! We used these pebbles in a aquascape fountain and also pressed them into a concrete walkway and my customer was so shocked when we finished she wants more! I would definitely recommend this product! I will be buying more in the future. Also I would like to learn how to order this product in bulk.

  48. M***n

    I have a stone path that goes around my raised vegetable garden (just built, no dirt in the pictures). I wanted an easy way to go for a night stroll and still be able to see where I was going. I used Night Sight on my Pixel 2 to take these photos. They turned out pretty good! The path is very clear. The sun had been down for about 2 hours when I took these photos. I actually waited until it was dark to spread them, much easier to plan a good design and instantly see what it will look like. You probably need more lb’s than you think you do. I bought 2 bags, but think I need an extra bag… or two 🙂

  49. E***s

    Really good, came within a couple of weeks do the work

  50. Customer

    Thank you very much for the glowing pebbles. very decorated with garden and flowers.

  51. G***e

    Did not expect that so fast delivery. thank you

  52. A***a

    Beautiful, as in the picture, but very small

  53. M***a

    super product. Light in dark is fine

  54. Customer

    Super, super 🙂 Cool shinning

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